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Software(the management program) Guide

- Programs provided to support teaching, learning, and administrative tasks for professors, employees, and students on campus.
- The program most universally needed by all members.


List of software


categorization software Scope of use Permission to use
Microsoft EES
Microsoft EES
(Enrollment for Education Solution)
Personal PC usage not permitted
1. Windows OS: Genuine installation only on university-owned PCs, for upgrade purposes after Windows installation.
2. MS Office: Available only on university-owned PCs.
3. Not allowed on PCs meeting any of the following criteria:
*PCs not registered as university assets
*PCs originally purchased without genuine OS.
Office 365 Office 365(Excel, PowerPoint etc) anywhere Campus members
Windows 10 Education Windows 10 Education Upgrade Tool anywhere
1. For students (Supports one-time upgrade to the latest version on PCs with genuine Windows OS installed).
2. In case of OS reinstallation, the user is responsible for reinstalling with the originally purchased genuine OS.
Statistical software SAS
Campus members
Campus members
(Up to 450 concurrent users within the campus)
STATA anywhere Campus members
Other software MATLAB anywhere Campus members
Campus members
ALYac(Security software)
Campus members
Campus members
Maestro(PC원상복구, 공용PC관리용)
Only University-owned PCs
※ Adobe software is not provided. Departments, or individuals in need of Adobe software are required to make separate purchases.

Prohibition of Unauthorized Software Usage

  - In all departments, divisions, and research labs on campus, please ensure the use of genuine software to prevent any copyright disputes related to unauthorized software usage.
  - Using commercial software without proper purchase may result in imprisonment for up to three years or a fine of up to 30 million won. Engaging in illegal activities such as
     replication, distribution, or rental of software could lead to imprisonment for up to five years or a fine of up to 50 million won.
  - The individual is solely responsible for any issues from the unauthorized use of software on campus.
  - Examples of Unauthorized Software Usage
     1) Unauthorized use of software without a genuine license 

     2) Installing university-owned MS Windows on a PC without a valid license

     3) Using a personal PC with illegally copied software installed on campus.
     4) Using personal open-source software on campus.
     5) Using campus-licensed (management software) software products on PCs not owned by the university.
     6) Using illegally downloaded programs through P2P, Torrent, etc.


Software Download Guide

- Log in to KUPID > Navigate to “정보생활” > “관리프로그램 안내” > Review the terms of use at the bottom, then click [동의]





Contact Us


 - STATA : 02-3290-5236, graduate_bk21@korea.ac.kr
 - Office 365 : 02-3290-4192, license@korea.ac.kr
 - Seoul Campus : 02-3290-4197, parkj2@korea.ac.kr
 - Sejong Campus : 044-860-1822, namda86@korea.ac.kr
 - College of Medicine : 02-2286-1286, hnk0520@korea.ac.kr
 - KU Medicine : 02-3407-2084, ku_wb0109@korea.ac.kr