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2020-To be Uploaded

Year Milestone
2023. 12.

Unified Event Information Service 'Horaceum' (= Tiger + Lyceum [meaning auditorium, society, cultural center]) Lauched: https://events.korea.ac.kr/ Establishment and Implementation of Measures to Reduce Campus Text Message Charges
MOU Signed with HPE for the Construction of Next-Generation Intelligent Campus Infrastructure
Selected as the First University to Operate an Exemplary Information Security
Management System (ISMS) (Commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT)

2023. 11. Change the access domain of the Office of Digital Information from the existing ic.korea.ac.kr to digital.korea.ac.kr
2023. 09. Reorganization of the Office of Digital Information: Information Development Team, Information Infrastructure Team, Digital Strategy Team
Improvement of the university's email system (Faculty: Google Mail/Secure Mail, Students: Naver Works Mail)
2023. 05. Full-scale Expansion of Global Public Wi-Fi Service 'eduroam'
2023. 03 Official Launch of the Smart Campus Integrated App 'Ho-it'
Establishment of the Information Technology Committee (Chairman: Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice Chairman: Head of the Office of Digital Information)
Introduction of the First Basic Guidelines for ChatGPT and Generative AI in Korean Universities