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A Message from the President


Welcome to Korea University's ODI(Office of Digital Information)!

First, ODI started as an "Electronic Calculation Laboratory" affiliated with Korea University in 1970 and changed its name to "Information Computing Agency" in 1995, "Information & Computing Center" in 2000, and "Office of Digital Information" on July 1, 2019.
As ICT world changes rapidly we were instrumental in the creation of in education, research, and administration by planning and supporting the informatization of our university.
With new-normal life, universities are facing another upheaval. The never ending COVID-19 pandemic last more than two years, online classes, non-face-to-face activities and the Generative AI triggered by ChatGPT strongly demands the introduction of a new educational paradigm.
In this rapidly changing era, ODI becomes the ICT control tower and plays a leading role in digital innovation on campus. ​
Our mission is to plan/manage digital transformation, maximize the utilization of school data, ensure cybersecurity, and ensure the 24-hour/365-day availability of computing services.
​If you have any inconvenience in using computer systems, wired/wireless networks on campus, or suspect a cybersecurity threat, please feel free to contact us, and last not for least, any new ideas and comments are welcome for digital innovation at Korea University.
I hope that we can achieve the Digital Transformation of Korea University together.
Transform KU, Together to the Future!
Vice President for Digital Information,
Seungjoo Kim