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Security Service Application

Registration for Firewall Security Sanctions

- Please carefully read the following guidance and refer to it. The registration form submitted improperly would not be accounted.
- (1) Remote access to the server systems(Linux/Unix/Windows server) within the boundary of this institution
- (2) If you wish to operate the web server/mail server in this university
- Any external access to personal computers is not allowed and is not included as a registration subject.


- (Limitation) The security service is provided only within the limitations according to “Information Security and Operation Rules”.
- (Authority of Access) Registration is possible only for server systems, and personal computers are not eligible.
- (Purpose of Use) There must be an obvious purpose of use, such as school affairs/administration/research. (Qualifications for approval)
- (Eligibility) Only those on the register of this university are eligible.
- (Responsibility) In case of security accident, the responsibility is shared by the applicant of this registration form.
- (Notification) When your application form us approved, we will send an e-mail to the address written on the application form.
- (Term of Service) The period of Service is maximum 1 year. (After one year, the service would be blocked without notification, except for web/mail servers)
- (Application forms) Please use the right application form, according to the following guidance.

How to Choose

Form #1 1. If the client wishes to make an access to the school server system with a fixed IP address.
2. In order to use an external VPN in this university
Form #2 1. If you want to operate a web/mail server in this university
- Web server only refers to http(Port 80), and Web/Mai server needs a domain.
- If the purpose of application is to manage web/mail servers, please use form#1 or #3.
Form #3 1. None of the above
2. If an external client uses a flexible IP address

How to Submit

■ Professors/Students

Please fill out this application form and visit the registration office. Conform your identity and require transmission of approval form to computation management department

■ Administrative Officials

Please fill out this application form and receive an approval from the person in charge of the department. Then, send an approval form to the computation management department.

■ Download

Form #1 - Fixed IP, external VPN users
Form #2 - Users of Web/mail server (With Domain)
Form #3 - Flexible IP users

※ [Inquiry] Computer operation department (extension #4191)