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IP/DOMAIN Registration

IP Address Application & Status

KUPID login > Info Depot > ComputingResource Enrollment & Apllication > Domain Application/Changes    

Domain Application / Changes

■ Domain Request Guide

■ Download

Download the application form

■ Domain Return Guide

- If you don't want to use the Domain, ask for information by email or phone (bcheum@korea.ac.kr /3290-4195)
- Domains not used for one year or more will be returned or deleted automatically.

■ Notice

- Cannot request by Win95/98/MAC Personal/Commercial
- Domain Request, please make sure whether the request has been done before.

<Method > Windows start menu -> execute -> type cmd -> in the DOS screen, type nslookup -> type domain address that you want to request (e.g graduate.korea.ac.kr) <example> nslookup graduate.korea.ac.kr
- When submitting application form, it should be signed by person (e.g. Professor) in charge. After that, submit it (Electronic Payment) to the computer operation department through the Student Affairs Support Service you belong to.