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Contact Number

Computer development department

Consultation & Inquiry Number A person in charge
Computer development department general 4170 General Manager
Woo-Reon Kim
Salary, Funds for development, general 4171 Manager
Yoo-kyung Cho
Budgets, Accountings, General affairs 4172 Assistant Manager
Ik-Tae Lee
Records, Graduation, Undergraduate School entrance, statistics 4173 Assistant Manager
Jung-Im Choi
Registration, Scholarship, Course registration, DBA 4174 Assistant Manager
Hwang-Tae Kim
Subject, Course registration, Grades, faculty 4175 Tae-Hwan Kim
 Personnel management, purchase, Facilities 4176 Do-Kyun Kim

Computer operation development

Consultation & Inquiry Number A person in charge
Computer operation development general 4190 General Manager
Woo-Reon Kim
Information infrastructure planning and management, info-communications security, Personal information protection, System access control 4191 Manager
Chul-Ho Choi
Security control of info-communications, info-communications security check, Management program contract, Office PC Fault support 4192 Assistant Manager
Duk-Il Kang
Network planning and management, Server system planning and management , Internet address management, General affairs 4193 Assistant Manager
Byong-Chul Eum
The management and Fault support of Wired/Wireless Network , network security management & support 4194 Jeong-Min Lee
Server management & Fault support, DNS, Server security 4195 Il-Jeong Park

IT service support team

Consultation & Inquiry Number A person in charge
IT service support team general 4180 General Manager
Woo-Reon Kim
Portal(Registration), Electronic approval, General affairs 4181 Assistant Manager
Hye-jung Kwon
Mail, Certification Support 4183 Ji-Min Lee
Portal(user management, Info Depot, Community, knowledge), Web system, Mobile system, Certification  4184 So-yoon Cho