Microsoft has abolished its policy of providing unlimited Office365 storage space to universities and has notified of a capacity limitation policy.

Related MS notice :

Accordingly, the MS O365 storage space service will be changed and provided according to the contents and schedule below, so please be sure to understand this and back up and delete personal data within the deadline.

1. Notice of service changes


Before change

After change(After January 2024)

School-wide storage capacity



Employed/current student



Retirees/Graduates/Expelled Students


Delete account

.* It has nothing to do with the separately provided mail (Google, Hiworks, Naver Works) 

and Drive (Google, Naver Works) services, and restrictions apply only to storage space 

(OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.) used through Microsoft.

2. Service implementation schedule.

 - 2024. 1. 2. (Tue) : * Block log-in to accounts of retirees/graduates/expelled students

                       * Application of policy to limit usage (2GB) for each employee/student

                       * Block login for accounts exceeding usage limits for current employees

                         /current students

 - 2024. 2. 1. (Fri) : Bulk deletion of retiree/graduate/expelled student accounts 


3. Related guidance


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 - Application for temporary lifting of MS login blocking : Click 

 - Related inquiries : / 02-3290-4205,4207,4192,4195